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Yes, we're still here, sorry-not-sorry to disappoint! While there hasn't been that much content on the front-end, we've been "busy" working behind the scenes on various things. We've been revamping our infrastructure, which primarily means re-adjusting the 386 in Lyger's basement, so it no longer sits under dripping water.

Our court-appointed shrink, Martums, has told us that we need more adversity in our lives. So we did the logical thing and recruited him and Mauvehed to be on staff. One of the two stepped up and got banned on Twitter in keeping with our traditions. We won't mention which of them didn't have the digital fortitude to get banned but it rhymes with fartums. You didn't come here for class, did you?

If you haven't noticed, we've actually been updating Errata again, but only the Charlatans and Shame pages. Unaware of the latter? You should remedy that. Our industry is full of unethical, greedy, and toxic creeps, many that have done some really heinous things. Although we, as an industry, have gotten better at calling them out, there is yet a long way to go. No more "but he's fun to drink with" or "but he's nice to me" defense and virtue signaling. It doesn't work anymore and just makes you look complicit in their behavior. Calling these people out by name has been fairly effective at shutting down or severely limiting their ability to operate in many circles. Know of a charlatan and hesitant to speak up? If you have reasons for not publicly rebuking them, we understand and are here to help you if you'd like. Please reach out to establish secure communications with us. Please do not send anything sensitive via email.

With that, we'll leave you with some fun facts about this weird domain and the weirder people behind it.

Finally, you can occasionally catch us at drag karaoke performing under our stage names:

Jericho = Panda Moanium (Kitty Kitty Bang Bang)
Martums = Feely Huggs
Lyger = Sticky Mullet
Mauvehed = Southern Discomfort (aka Toxic Bang Bang)
Dave = Hissy Fit
Apacid = Patchy Config (henceforth Lady Ornacia Kayne)

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