Second Attrition Contest
Sat Sep 2 02:30:43 MDT 2000

For those unaware, I have had an offbeat challenge up on attrition for some time now. The HTML Sucks Challenge has drawn some interest and a few good attempts. In keeping with that, I have another challenge, but with no real defined 'win'. The HTML challenge has a clear cut solution or it does not. The new challenge is different.

For the past few months, I have been picking up mints. Sitting around working on the site, on business trips, you name it. The Dilbert mints ('Post-Pone mints', 'Harass Mints'), Altoids (especially the new cinnamon), and recently Penguin (with caffeine!) mints. As many of you know, these mints all come in a small metal tin.

After you are done, the American way suggests you throw it away like we do everything else. We live in a disposable society yadda yadda. I don't know if it is just me and my collector (read: pack rat) mentality, or the idea of throwing out a perfectly good container I would have cherished as a child...

So I have this stack of tin cans on my kitchen counter. They are well made, strong, and must be able to serve some other purpose in life. Thus .. my second contest.

In one paragraph or less, I want help from our readers in coming up with good uses for these tin cans. Suggestions do not have to be serious (we love good dark humor here), but the more practical the better it is for me. That said, send us your ideas. What good use can we put these great cans to?

Mail with your solution.