General News for Attrition
Mon Dec 4 23:35:12 MST 2000

The next week will find Attrition staff fairly scarce. Modify and myself will be attending LISA in New Orleans.

Munge is tied up with day job activities and overhauling our stats and graphs. He will likely be one of the only ones on mirror duty for the next seven days.

Which brings us to Null, who is also busy with that real life and day job thing. No doubt null will enjoy the escape from the blithering idiots who keep mailing us with such insipid rants. On top of the uber-moron James Garland, we have a new monkey of the week who will soon make his debut on Going Postal. Our new monkey calls himself Bill Pollina (Cancer Omega has determined that this name must be Albanian for "Butthead Deluxe") and hails from As I type this, his server is still defaced, yet he refuses to admit this. Apparently Mr. Pollina doesn't understand how his browser works, what that silly 'cache' thing is, or how to manage System Administration 101. Our e-mail crusade with our new pet monkey continues on.

Some of you may remember some guy named 'Punkis' from the past. He is still gone, spending sixteen hour days locked in his office with a guy who has an obsession with cat's asses. When not working, you might be able to track him down at a local coffee shop drinking a supah-quad-latte-mocha-frapachino-whatever type drink.

Mcintyre is MIA. We think he was sold into a white slavery ring in his last trip to Asia, but we can't verify this yet.

Cancer Omega.. errr, we can't talk about him right now. Wait until the senate oversight committee retires. (We don't understand was just a small thermonuclear warhead.)