Where are you freaks?
Sun Jul 25 02:52:10 MDT 1999

Where have we been, whats up, and where are you going? Common questions
recently. We are still here, sorry to disappoint. Today's down time
was due to routing problems through the upstream of our upstream. Inficad
continues to provide superior service and excellent administrative support.

Since most of us took a week off to attend Black Hat and Defcon, we have
been working quite a bit to catch up. I am currently in LA where I will be
attending what appears to be Kevin Mitnick's last hearing where he will
be sentenced. Of course, that is not counting for any surprises that may 
pop up in the courtroom.

As you may have noticed, the music section has started. Look for reviews of 
low key bands or other concerts we attend. Initial feedback is positive and 
people seem to appreciate us telling it how we saw it. We will continue
to provide quality and honest reviews. ;)

The section dedicated to the fraud known as AntiOnline is done (negation). 
In the near future you will see other sections slapped with the 'FIN' tag. In 
place of these areas, Modify and the rest of the staff will be heading up new 
sections devoted to newcomers to hacking AND security both.

Some staff members are in the middle of white papers on various other topics
and they should hit the site soon. For those of you waiting on material from
Defcon, both Modify's slides and my own notes will be up soon. The delay in
my notes stems from me writing additional material on the subjects at hand.

So, all in all, things are moving along. We apologize for the downtime, but
it was a bit beyond our control. Government funding for the Attrition 
FBI front has been slow to reach us, and the helicopter has needed additional