Postal Installment #0010

Happy Holidays - Welcome to Staff Postal

For the first time ever, the staff and volunteers at reveal our "uber-intellect" and "inner workings" to you, the reader. We sometimes discuss information security, vulnerabilities, and world politics. Most of the time, we talk about gaming, ass sex, poor grammar, and chugging cock. Before we proceed, a few words of holiday cheer from us:

Jericho: This type of internal communication is privileged material, and should never be disclosed. This 'work in progress' violates Attrition regulations and federal law, and Lyger will feel the wrath of our legal team.

Strange: I know my wrath is around here SOMEPLACE.

Cancer Omega: I confess!   The naughty girls get all the best stuff!   Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something...and it's usually very expensive home appliances.   But more importantly, if you wish to lead a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life, never sleep with anyone crazier than you.

Malvu: Hey everyone. An occasional email wouldn't hurt. If you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on (or even better, a GOOD spanking), let me know. Talk dirty to me and maybe I'll respond.. or better. Seems I've now at least tied a world record for anal insertions with computer parts... how big is your hard drive? *wink*

Mr. Zodiac: As chief council and the Richard Dean Anderson chair of Neurosurgery at, I am hereby authorized to dispense this yule-tide subpoena and psychiatric advice: "The internet will consume your soul!

Lyger: Three things I want for the holidays:
1.) The ability to edit/chmod without fucking everything up.
2.) A Canadian. I hear they make great pets.
3.) More stuff shoved up my ass by Jericho. Still plenty of room in there.

happy holidays. enjoy "staff postal".


asses everywhere, unite!

peer pressure

we're socially responsible

mock the pain

there is no explanation for this

oh, did i mention..

no, the other munge


you have been warned

the thread simply known as "42" (holiday special)

moo moo buckaroo

get the rubber gloves

dr. phil lyger

don't drink and sign up

food for thought

a touching moment

isn't that blackmail?

tin-foil hats



longest.. thread.. ever.

welcome to goodburger, home of the goodburger...

you have a difficult job

always happy to help

easy way to make new friends

best advice ever

jericho the savior

rock on garth

obvious is help answer we want

paging captain obvious

it's just a thriller

hey, we tried...

dink... dink... dink...


we maintain cpa.state

incomplete list

long live form replies

searching for a month

the list of 'whats wrong' is long

small arms or hookers

third grade math



we need a higher class of idiots


Please remove the message from your website.

Haiku, by Lucid

flYgirL1835, sorry

call me Leeroy Jenkins

for your age..

who gives a fuck.

refrain from AI or AOL jokes

neglectful parents

just phoned

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