"Many people have asked us what we "do" with the logs of hack attempts
against us that we see on a daily basis. Well, unlike many organizations,
where hack attempts are viewed as "events" which are to be "looked into",
hack attempts against AntiOnline are the rule, not the exception. As a
policy, we do not "turn over" any hack attempts for investigation by any
governmental authorities, nor would we do so if a hacker actually managed to
gain access to one of our systems. Due to the type of organization that we
are, we feel that would be hypocritical."

"If a hacker got access to a sensitive area of our network, such as our
internal knowledge base, we would press charges when we found him (and I
mean when, not if). As for the kiddies that try to phf our webserver 
everyday, we just ignore them, and make pretty little "Live Hack
Attempts" pages out of their efforts."

[Thanks to Mystic Crow and Jon Camfield for pointing these out!]