Reviewers The content reviews! This is the second iteration that replaces our movie review page. Like this page, we have evolved and learned to watch TV series and read books on rare occasion. So here are, devoting our time to giving reviews we feel deserve the spotlight, even if it is a black light.

With all of the streaming platforms out there, the cost of trying to access everything you want to watch is outrageous. So we hope to help you figure out what is worth it, and what isn't. Basically, what you might want to pay for versus borrow your friend's account to "preview" before you subscribe. Note: that is probably against their terms & service, so don't do that, and if you do it isn't on us.

Rather than long meandering observations that pontificate on the minutiae, like we have done on occasion in the past, we boil down these reviews into 'bits' because it is quicker to say than "micro-review". Just a paragraph or two generally, enough to tell you what you need to know we hope.

Movies: 126 || TV: 42 || Books: 5


2022-04-18 - Everything Everywhere All At Once, Black Crab, The Contractor, Invasion [odd, jericho]

2022-03-08 - Eternals, I Am Not OKAY With This, Riders of Justice, Shameless S1-11 [jericho]

2022-02-21 - The Book of Boba Fett, Peacemaker, Reservation Dogs S1, Reacher [jericho]

2022-02-18 - Wheel of Time S1, Messiah, Zone 414, Ganglands [jericho]

2022-01-17 - Settlers, The Last Duel, Hawkeye S1, Ghostbusters: Afterlife [jericho, martums]

2022-01-09 - The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Cowboy Bebop, My Name, American Horror Stories S1 [odd, mauvehed, jericho]


2021-12-24 - Motherland: Fort Salem, American Sicario, Apex, Zeros and Ones [jericho]

2021-12-18 - Love Hard, Spencer, Foundation S1, Venom: Let There Be Carnage [noobz, jericho, martums]

2021-11-15 - Red Notice, The Harder They Fall, Lapsis, Hell Hath No Fury [jericho]

2021-11-13 - Helstrom, The Chair, A Quiet Place 2, 2149: The Aftermath [mauvehed, jericho]

2021-11-12 - The Souvenir, No Time To Die, The Virtuoso, Prisoners of the Ghostland [jericho, martums]

2021-11-09 - Finch, The King, The Courier, Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning [jericho]

2021-10-19 - Dune (2021), Settlers, Kate, The Guilty [jericho]

2021-10-18 - Bo Burnham: Inside, Masters of the Universe, WandaVision S1, Mindhunter S1-2 [apacid, Shimmershade, mauvehed, jericho]

2021-09-28 - Free Guy, The Green Knight, Reminiscence, Hacks S1 [jericho]

2021-09-22 - Blue Jasmine, The Vault, Gunpowder Milkshake, Candyman [data golem, jericho, mauvehed]

2021-09-06 - The Protege, Snake Eyes, The Suicide Squad, Wrath of Man [jericho]

2021-08-01 - F9: The Fast Saga, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Nobody, Big Sky [jericho]

2021-07-23 - Fear Street Trilogy, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, Pig, Crime of the Century [odd, mauvehed, jericho, martums]

2021-07-16 - Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Raya and the Last Dragon, Shadow and Bone, and Black Widow [cybereducation, mauvehed, martums, jericho]

2021-07-05 - The Irregulars, Tomorrow War, The Watch, and Debris [mauvehed, jericho]

2021-06-24 - Cruella, Lupin Part 2, Synchronic, Exposed [mauvehed, jericho, martums]

2021-06-16 - Stowaway, Infinite, Mare of Easttown, and Spontaneous [jericho, martums]

2021-05-25 - Chopper, Yin Yang Master, Land, and Dark [Neurocandies, jericho, Mauvehed, martums]

2021-05-07 - Vanquish, The Marksman, Mortal Kombat, and Never Rarely Sometimes Always [jericho, martums]

2021-05-03 - Without Remorse, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Voyagers, and Kodachrome [jericho, martums]

2021-04-15 - Queen of Katwe, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Barbaren / Barbarians, and Knight's Tale [Data Golem, jericho, martums]

2021-04-15 - Luzhin Defence, La Piovra/The Octopus, Magic, How to Build a Girl, Sorry For Your Loss [Data Golem, Welp, lyger, Odd, martums]

2021-04-08 - Marshland, The One, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Bad Trip [Welp, Odd, lyger, jericho]

2021-03-30 - Day of the Triffids, Sweet Dreams, SAS: Red Notice, Allen v. Farrow [NeuroCandies, Odd, jericho, martums]

2021-03-24 - Cherry, 3022, The Ballad of Lefty Brown, Unknown [jericho]

2021-03-06 - Coming 2 America, Cosmic Sin, I Care A Lot, Point Blank [jericho]

2021-02-24 - Breaking and Entering, The Final Girls, Seungriho / Space Sweepers, Silk Road (2021) [odd, martums, jericho]

2021-02-12 - Palmer, Vox/Lux, Underwater, The Next Three Days [n00bz, odd, jericho]

2021-02-07 - The One, Outside the Wire, The Sparks Brothers, Coyote Season 1 [odd, jericho]

2021-01-25 - The Uninvited, Lupin, The Unicorn Store, News of the World [martums, jericho]

2021-01-23 - Batman: Year One, Freaks, Joker, Aquaman [lyger, jericho]

2021-01-16 - The Speed Cubers, After Life, Prospect, Rememory [lyger, martums, jericho]

2021-01-08 - Häxan, Soul, Kajillionaire, Greenland [odd, jericho]


2020-12-31 - Devs, The Invisible War, Ted Lasso, Sucker Punch [martums, jericho]

2020-12-26 - Wonder Woman 1984, The Midnight Sky, Silver Linings Playbook, Marauders, War Inc. [martums, jericho]

2020-12-24 - Fatman [seven different reviews]

2020-12-19 - Ready Player Two, The Devil Has a Name, The Queen's Gambit, A Call to Spy, The Jesus Rolls [martums, jericho]

2020-12-11 - A Rainy Day in New York, Tenet, The New Mutants, 2067 [martums, jericho]

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