Errata Pages Updated

Sun Nov 18 04:04:30 MST 2001

Just did a straight 8+ hours of working on the Errata pages here. I can't feel my left arm (damn cat slept on that arm half the night) or either hand.

A few highlights:

  1. all main errata pages now using the attrition CSS so they match. at least one page (stats) is still fugly because of the PRE tags, but it needs a complete redo either way. this is on my todo list.
  2. /errata/irony.html security companies that warrant attention. moved relevant stuff off charlatans to this page. added a ton of entries, sorted the time line so new material is on top. included all types of events (spamming, errata, defacements, etc). as greg shipley once said.. "Time to go get that KingCobra out of my fridge - my industry is embarrassing me again."
  3. /errata/company.html non security companies that had security incidents. a sort of warning for people that use these services/companies. mostly preserving this to help combat denial down the road since companies like to do that kind of thing. also a nice track record for common mistakes these large companies are making. while this is a good foundation, i know there are hundreds of events i am missing here. finding them is on my todo list.
  4. /errata/media.html many new entries on here
  5. using a new naming scheme for all files, to help stay organized, make them easier to reference, etc. hopefully this will help tag entries in search engines as well. i need to work on renaming more of the legacy file names to the new scheme.
  6. using standard HTML tags as much as I can. very little use of PRE tags these days. converted a lot of other PRE based entries to regular html. the big exception is when quoting news articles. rather not spend hours converting them to html when PRE works fine.
  7. got my incoming errata mail folder from 540 to 410 range. still a lot of work to be done =)

As always, if you see errors/typos please let me know. Better, if you know of incidents I am missing send me a URL or whatnot. I will put it in the incoming folder and try to weed through it ASAP.

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