Senate Hacked Again
Updated Fri Jun 11 10:00:19 MDT 1999
McIntyre - ATTRITION Staff

The U.S. Senate Web site was hacked today by what appears to be a
Bulgarian hacker group. The "Varna Hacker Group" defaced the Web site late
Friday afternoon leaving a message in Bulgarian with some other
English comments.

Roughly translated into English, the messages say:
"I will sell my FIAT car in very good condition - Contact schMATKA :")) "
"1,3,1,3,1,3 I wanna fuck - Vicho Sexa"
"Young masturbator needs filly to fuck - Kumcho Vulcho"

Varna is a city on the east coast of Bulgaria just off the coast of the
Black Sea- to the north is Romania, west is Macedonia and the Federal 
Republic of Yugoslavia and to the south is Turkey.

Today's hack included links to "Free Kevin" and "Free Zyklon", both
referring to hackers facing the legal system. Along with the links
were embedded comments in the HTML offering links to impeachment
documents, as well as other inside jokes presumably.

On November 11, 1998 the group hacked the UK site for the Cartoon
Network leaving a message about the plight of their country's childen
and leaving the e-mail address of the Bulgarian President for more

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