Mind Security
5082 E. Hampden Ave. Suite #103
Denver, CO 80222
Ph: 720-231-3411

Mind Security opens the doors to their new web site, http://www.mindsec.com/, after
careful planning and a full staff of writers, designers, and coders, we are proud to
announce that the site goes live.

The site contains reviews of security and systems administration related hardware
and software, such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Devices, and utilities that Unix
and NT administrators use in the every day environment. 

We have our own search engine, using the Alkaline engine software, that will
search through pre-defined sites, and let people get direct access from
our partners, and all security and administration related web sites that have
been brought to our attention. This database has been being indexed for weeks,
and will continue to poll these sites, to get the latest data. 

In addition to all of that, we will have daily (M-F) technology news, picking out the
best of the news we see on the web about the latest in administration and security
news, as well as new technologies, as they hit the media. We will use sites like
wired.com, cnn.com, zdnet.com, and excite news.

We are also doing custom searches for other non-profit companies like or selves, and
letting them use our resources to have their sites specifically indexed and letting
people search for topics on only their site.

Mind Security is run by Erik Parker, who is a Unix Administrator for a large Web 
Development, and Network solutions company in Englewood, Colorado. As well as 
doing Mind Security when he is not working. With the help of one of his writers, 
Frank Wiles, and the rest of his staff, and people who contribute for reviews for 
free, they have made Mindsec into something great.

Mind Security is hosted by Grapevine (grapevine.net), a Large Internet Service provider
in the Mid-West region. Who has provided space for our servers, support for our
hardware and technical needs when we can not be there, and great service to us in
the past.

The goal for Mind Security is to be one of the best sites for people to be able to get
a real persons opinion of Hardware and Software, before they buy it. And to let people
have a place to search in a more concentrated envrionment, instead of having to use
some of the larger search engines, that spider out through the entire web and return
results to you that were absoluetly not what you were looking for.