A Lump of Coal for Punkis
Fri Dec 24 00:27:56 MST 1999

Just a few words about Attrition and the x-mas holidays.

Once again, fewer updates as the staff travel around the country
for the holidays. If you are tired of stuff not being updated,
deal with it ;)

Defacement Mirror News: From December 30 to Jan 2, the mirror
will NOT be updated! We will continue to mirror sites
as they are reported, but we will not update the mirror itself.
This is our way of saying "don't hack over the new year". The
poor abused federal agents are swamped as is. Give them a break
and let them deal with real terrorism, not "cyberterrorism".

Bleh, that is it. Short and sweet. Now we leave you with this
nice tune to give you an idea of the holiday sentiment we've
seen from the net!

The Twelve Days of Attrition On the twelfth day of x-mas My true love sent to me.. Twelve script kiddies a-defacing Eleven spammers a-spamming Ten groupies a-drooling Nine AOLers a-begging Eight feds a-subpoena'ing Seven OC12's a-smurfing Six million web hits Five demented staff... Four flagrant lawsuits Three french bans Two scene whores And a botched FBI raid
Merry x-mas, happy new year and all that jazz.