We're not dead, dying or pissed off.
Sat Jan 15 23:06:57 MST 2000

As you can see, we're back. In case you missed the blurb on hackernews,
we suffered more drive problems. I know, that is getting old but we really
don't care.

The problem is/was a slow system accessing several IDE drives. The primary
drive is a Conner Peripherals 420MB - CFS420A, 406MB w/64kB Cache, and
the rest of the web pages, home directories and mail spools reside on a
Maxtor 91010D6, 9541MB w/256kB Cache. Because of the old drive and the 
large partitions on the new drive, the disk is prone to get errors. For
the Linux savvy, you know that errors on the primary drive you boot off
of is not good. The only way to fix it is to unmount the drive and run
e2fsck on it. Well, when you are travelling around the nation, running
to the console isn't so easy. 

This system is a hobby at this point. As such, it doesn't steal funding
away from sushi, beer, movies and other requirements in life. That means
until now no money was spent on this box since we didn't make money. But,
in keeping with our non-profit sounding domain name, we are further in
the hole. While I didn't run out and buy new hard drives (e2fsck worked
just fine after the drives were mounted in another system), I did upgrade
this pathetic box. No more Pentium 100 with 64 megs of RAM!

What do we have now (lemme read the box since anything above a P100 is
a blur to me):
	AMD-K6-2 450MHz Processor
	FIC VA-503+ AT Super 7 100MHZ FSB Motherboard
	128 Meg SDRAM DIMM (16x64-8/10 PC100 3.3V

Add to that the power supply, video card, and 3com ethernet card..
that's all this box is. So with the upgrade, hopefully your pages
will load faster, we can return to processing our web logs and more.

For those generous souls out there who would like to donate hardware,
we could use a few things:

	*	External parallel port CDROM drive (any speed)
	*	One more 128 Meg DIMM
	*	An easy to install/maintain backup solution
	*	1999 Lexus

Since we make no money off this site, we can't afford to pay you
for any of this, but we'd certainly be glad to provide links to
you or your web pages, publically humiliate Mcintyre as needed,
or shoot Punkis in the foot. If you could spare any of the above,
send us some mail.

Enjoy the faster system. We will.

p.s. The machine received several new stickers too.

p.p.s. Thanks to the kind people who offered time and assistance!