Crowd Sourcing the New Errata Section, 'Prediction Fail'

Sat Mar 19 20:05:35 CDT 2011


One of the 'to-do' list items for Errata is the creation of a 'Prediction Fail' page. The idea is to catalog the amusing (sad?) instances of security experts or companies predicting how things will change down the road, after time has passed. Grand claims, absurd predictions or pipe dreams tend to creep in with the more reasonable and down-to-earth predictions.

For example, did you know that Microsoft and Brightmail Inc. (now owned by Symantec) predicted there would be an "end to computer spam" back in 2004? Or that Websense Security Labs claimed "the end of e-mail viruses is nigh"?

Companies can make these absurd predictions safely, because the speed of news drowns them in a matter of weeks. Rarely do we look back months or years to see what was said about our ever-changing industry. It is time to start keeping these companies honest. With the upcoming 'Prediction Fail' Errata section, we will give you the cluebat you need to virtually smack these companies and demand less hype, less FUD and more sanity.

We're looking for YOUR help! Send in your favorite predictions! All we need is a link to the news article or press release, and we'll take it from there. Send them to errata[at] please.

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