State of the Attrition Address
Mon Nov 1 14:24:40 MST 1999

First off, happy Devil's Night, Halloween and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. If you couldn't tell, we've been quite busy one way or another. Keeping up with defaced web pages has become quite the task. Due to a little scripting work, we now use a tool called 'aget' (Attrition Get) to mirror the site and notify the defaced mail list. We'd like to give a special shout out to the friendly DCIS and FBI agents who have recently given us big thanks for maintaining the site. We'd like to give hackers a warning that yes, federal agents ARE interested in your defacements and monitor this mirror more than you think.

A few words regarding the Defacement Mirror:

We receive a lot of mail regarding the mirror and defacements. To clear up any questions: send ANY questions regarding defacements to This includes media inquiry, legal questions, statistics and more. All declarations of intention to issue court orders or federal subpoenas should be directed to and should include agent name, snail mail address, and phone number. For those who have been asking why their mirrors are not posted, quit asking. We will get to it when we can. To remind everyone, this is a hobby site, not a full time business.

Contacting Attrition: Network/System problems General questions about Text Archive Crypto Archive Defacement Mirror

Copies of mail to AntiOnline:

Several people have recently started CCing or BCCing us on correspondance with AntiOnline. Not only is this a great source of amusement for us, it is a great way to make sure that your words are not twisted down the road. Keep them coming ;) We need the humor.

Who is Attrition?

Some poor souls out there just can't get it through their head who is a staff member at Attrition. So, for these third graders who are a little behind the curve, lets clear this up again.

Our 'about' Attrition page
Our 'staff' page. While mostly humorous, the FIVE people listed are the ONLY staff members.
More 'why' questions answered

Incredibly Amusing:

Since late July, we have stopped all updates on the Shame and Negation section. These pages were dedicated to Meinel and Vranesevich and pointed out their hypocrisy and illegal behaviour among other things. Since that time, the Attrition staff has been in stitches when it comes to the crap these two are peddling. To further illustrate points we made clear months ago, we'll show two quotes followed by a few URLs that show just how dense/hypocritical they really are.

"For some reason, Brian Martin has become obsessed over AntiOnline."
	- John Vranesevich

"Lots of people assume that since I am Brian Martins number one
 obsession (as seen at, that I must hate him."
	- Carolyn Meinel
So looking back over the past six or so months, lets see who is really obsessed over who. Consider that we stopped 'shame' on 7.30.99 and stopped 'negation' on 7.20.99. Each of the following URLs mention Brian Martin, Attrition or something related.

You decide who is obsessed ;)