Kimble & YIHAT Morons Threaten Attrition

Mon Oct 22 20:41:19 MDT 2001


For those who haven't heard of "Kimble" (aka Kim Schmitz,,, YIHAT founder, etc), he is in the limelight again. As usual, he is peddling his fraud and lies yet again, this time riding the coattails of "anti-terrorism" to make a fast buck and get free media attention.

In short, this charlatan has created YIHAT (Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terror) to supposedly track down terrorists online. The goal is to find them, identify them, and h4x0r them so they can't use their electronic funds etc. First making news by offering a 10 million dollar bounty on Osama Bin Laden, Kimble has now moved on to claiming his band of vigilante hackers have broken into banks owned by Bin Laden.

Today, one of the YIHAT monkey's contacted me and told me to "keep an eye on" a defacing group known as G-force Pakistan. His reasoning for this comment was the claim that Attrition hosted a G-Force Pakistan web site, which he referenced as Apparently YIHAT and this monkey did not bother to read anything on Attrition or take a moment to understand what the Attrition Mirror was all about. Instead, they accused of us of harboring or assisting a "terrorist cell".

What makes this all the more amusing is reading about YIHAT's latest claims in a Newsbytes Story today.

A group of vigilante hackers said it has identified the leader of a rival Pakistani hacking group and has turned the information over to the FBI.

Members of Yihat, an international coalition of hackers attempting to disrupt terrorist computer networks, said they have discovered the real name and contact information for the co-founder of GForce Pakistan.

If the YIHAT team of monkeys can't figure out what the Attrition Mirror is, or that we have no relationship with G-Force Pakistan, one can only imagine what kind of bullshit information they are feeding law enforcement.

So for kicks, we're sharing all the e-mail we received from the YIHAT monkeys. PLEASE, feel free to mail them and let them know just what kind of morons they are. The notion that we are aiding a "terrorist cell", G-Force Pakistan or anyone else is ludicrous.

Alistair Rooney notifies us that we are seemingly a springboard for G-Force Pakistan attacks

I politely tell Mr. Rooney that he is mistaken

Kimble tells Rooney that "[attrition] is fucked soon"

I politely tell Kimble that is mistaken

Kimble makes a vague threat saying he has a "surprise" for us

I politely tell Kimble that I am reporting him to LE like a good citizen

Kimble informs me that by notifying LE I am making it worse

Kimble belatedly replies to my original reply

Comega makes my polite replies seem hostile with his thoughtful response

The NIPC replies to my report of Kimble's activity

Alistair back pedals

I notify Alistair's employer of the criminal activity of their employee

All of this comes days after and were defaced repeatedly, prompting Kimble to offer a $10,000 reward for information on Fluffy Bunny. After receiving repeated Denial of Service attacks against, Kimble spindoctored the downtime saying that "phase one" of their mission was done, and that they were "moving underground".

As you can see, we're not dealing with a lot of brain-thrust here. If the best they can do is this, the terrorist's online activity has little to worry about unfortunately.

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