Postal Installment #0015

looks like we picked the wrong week to quit drinking (and heroin)

we should have a (long) talk

different shades of grey

once again, scared away

whinee leelte beetchez

it was really 27 hours

beastah has a job?

communication breakdown

more postal haiku

conversation killer

just bend over

let them eat asscake

complex problems

good 'ol Ben

corporal punishment

mortal enemies


a freind in Canada

what the world needs now...

nepen's asshole

useful yoga


Joe, there's no time for a hand job

economics 101

once bitten, twice shy

a tribute to josh (#5 in a series)

joke there is not, duh

being bored sucks

it explains everything

can't you smell that smell

the follies of youth

helping hand

told you so

in search of klingon ass

when it's love

international diplomacy

another satisifed customer

tired AND cranky

heart failure? more like heart attack

it was funny at first

the proof is in the pudding

we love guessing games

swervin' and pervin'

thanks for the offer

the pigeon is not screaming

death, rape, and santa

short, simple, suffer

troll flashback

that'll be $150 an hour, please

only for a price

not even a KTKSBYE

funny like a suicide

OSVDB: one-stop password shop

love at first sight

teh pr0n startz herez

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