Postal Installment #0011

land of the weird and the home of the strange

bcc happens

holy airwaves

quiz time

aol blues, part one

aol blues, part B

aol blues, part.. oh, screw it

more advice from dr. phil lyger

so close yet so far

we couldn't have said it better

do. not. click. the. link.

our beer mugs runneth over

oops.. we blurted

shipley = m4d r4pp3r, y0

we get all the freaks (titties and beer!)

don't talk to strangers

people never learn

once, twice, three times a lady


we reply to all

just doesn't get it

he tries so hard

why can't the TILFs mail us?

roo's and abo's and aussies.. oh my!

"lost" or "the biggest loser"?

lucid haiku


dead man walking

you got him cranky


should have signed a pre-nup

he's a maniac

'nuff said

march of the assclowns

twin brothers from different mothers

have a drink on me

shock therapy (a moral imperative)

well, anyway...

so we're nosy

since we just met


kindly do the needful

save the koembolas!

conspiracy theory

open up and say... HUHGLUGHULGHULGH

ass like that

das boot

playing hard to get

kids today

behind the scenes

let's make a deal

it's so sweet


subversion is the oldest trick

she owes us another picture

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