AntiOnline - Hypocrisy in Personal Attacks

When faced with allegations, Vranesevich is scared to face them. Instead of 
defending himself or explaining events related to the accusations, he instead
resorts to childish personal attacks. Even then, JP is STILL hypocritical
in his attacks. The best example of this can be found below.

When various ATTRITION staff put together the report showing the possibility
that Antionline is engaged in serious illegal activity, JP lashed out at
two individuals, one of which had a passing hand in the report. Rather
than face the facts, JP decided to post to AntiOnline that since I (Brian)
had been investigated and raided by the FBI, that my word meant absolutely 
nothing. That nothing I said could be trusted. While we know that 1 + 5 does
NOT equal 2 like JP would have you believe, he goes on living in his fantasy
world thiking just that. 

That said, lets play pretend. Lets say that being investigated and raided by
the FBI means your word has no merit. Lets look at AntiOnline's own Don Wiseman
who admits that he too has been raided before. Oh my! I guess we can conclude
that any piece from Don is equally worthless right? Hypocrite. First off, let me say this. Brian Martin (aka Cult_Hero) was raided by the FBI in connection with being a suspected member of the HFG (The group that hacked the New York Times), and Erik Ginorio (BroncBuster) is known, and admits, to breaking into dozens of sites (he calls himself a hacktivist). by Don Wiseman - AntiOnline Staff Member And I did get quite a few emailings on my last article. I want to thank all of you who wrote because your letters were uniformly intelligent and made quite a good case for your various points of view, even those who disagreed with my premise. J.P, you're getting a better class of web archfiends at this site. One stated that I obviously had never been put through the humiliation of a surprise FBI raid and couldn't know how they felt. I hate to dissolution you, but this old fart has been through an FBI raid and had my stuff confiscated, a two story office building ransacked, and several hundred people put out of work.