A new beginning for InfoSec News

Fri Jul 7 05:44:07 EDT 2006

William Knowles

It was on or about July 26th of 2001 that InfoSec News made the move to Attrition.org after being dumped by our last list provider for trying to be honest.

Since then through thick and thin, Jericho and the merry denizens of Attrition.org have helped InfoSec News grow to become one of the largest, oldest and hopefully most trusted daily information security lists on the Internet.

Hosting on Attrition.org was really supposed to be a temporary measure, at least until we got our act together and started hosting ISN on our own.

Now nearly five years later, we're finally ready to host InfoSec News on our own server, with a RSS feed, list archives, and plenty of room for hosting additional security lists and services.

So this will be the last mailing of InfoSec News on Attrition.org and starting 7/10/2006, ISN will be posting from infosecnews.org.

On Monday we'll also roll out the new website, you may need to add the new address (isn [at] infosecnews [dot] org) to whitelists, procmail recipes or other filters.

Thank you for all of your support!


William Knowles
InfoSec News
wk [at] infosecnews [dot] org

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