Postal Installment #0020

packaging a hooker requires time that we just don't have

in your eyes

down the rabbit hole


first date

profit (was re: white slavery)


in other news, nixon is still dead

gongs, locks, and shaved balls

or call him sally

it always starts with "LOVE IT"

we're great neighbors, unless you suck

he's batman, minus the clue

family reunion

public perception

quality control strikes again

one word too many

attrition does foursquare

punk broke-ass bitch

qwest = cox^H^H^H cocks?

it's not ours, really

viss needs a shell

don't pinch me, my bile is green

the great spam north, eh

lawyers, ethics, and wang

2003... a bad year for stupid

studies the deviant mind

the right person...

... and the wrong one

spammer HAR HAR

health care has always been a problem

can't even give those pics away

damn kids again

i'm the only sour cherry on the fruit stand

quality control

he asked the wrong people

they call it FANTASY football for a reason

has his priorities straight

holiday greetz

shining spandex

ketamine and alcohol


retarded ninjas

happy ending

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