Wrath of the Impotent (Legal Fun)

"Serious" Threats: 21      Lawsuits: 1 (Settled pre-trial)

Over time, we have received many legal threats. These range from threats of pressing criminal charges to civil lawsuits for a variety of reasons. Many of them are no more than a couple mails in the thread and not terribly interesting. The others...

[Jun 2013] - TAC Security Solutions (tacsecurity.co.in) Threatens Lawsuit

[Aug 2011] - Barry Schlossberg (aka Lou Cipher) threatens lawsuit and more

[Feb 2011] - Gregory D. Evans Files Suit Against Attrition.org (and 7 others)

[Apr 2010] - Frost Bank threatens OSF / DatalossDB over incident posting

[Jan 2007] - Medica Health Plan makes legal threats over a Data Loss entry

[May 2005] - General, a CISSP makes legal and veiled physical threats

[Apr 2004] - Chick-fil-A wants to sue us over an image we don't host

[Mar 2003] - Richard Buss and Lightspeed Media Corp.

[Mar 2002] - The Laurence Godfrey libel saga

[Dec 2001] - Pratt Farmer wants to sue me for defacing a VA site.

[Oct 2001] - Kimble/YIHAT tells us we're "fucked" soon.

[Sep 2001] - AnsMe Staff goes downhill quickly.

[Jul 2001] - Mastercard doesn't like our priceless parodies.

[Jul 2001] - Jeremy Lorberau doesn't like part of our archive.

[Apr 2001] - Gene Black needs serious professional help.

[Apr 2001] - Peyton Collie can't read our polite email.

[Oct 2000] - Macmart has proof beyond doubt we hacked them.

[Sep 2000] - John Berryhill (a real lawyer!) doesn't like a mirror.

[Sep 2000] - Steve Chambers threatens criminal proceedings over a mirror.

[Feb 2000] - Fastered14 says he can sue over previous postal material.

[Dec 1999] - Guy Lemke and com-pair.net say we hacked (didn't) hack them?

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