Cliff Notes: If you drink Coca-Cola products, email the 'coke reward' code to to support a bunch of wack job heathens

How many times have you thought, "If everyone sent me one penny, i'd be rich!?" In the case of attrition staff, maybe you thought "If everyone sent me one beer, i'd need a new liver in three months!"

Attrition has been going strong for almost eight years now. In that time we haven't plagued the site with ad banners, pop-ups, or even the cute little google ad-words. We've accepted PayPal donations for several years and raked in a whopping 250 bucks (which we are honestly very thankful for). Our Amazon wishlists are never used, half the mail we get is mindless drivel complaining about insipid crap that is usually answered by actually reading the web pages. The box has been fully replaced two times due to hardware problems, payments are routinely made to our landlord for the bandwidth abuse and to keep him too drunk to find our power plug. In short, this isn't a site based around profit or self reward. We're more like those monks that inflict self pain thinking it brings them closer to a higher power. Misguided, pain-ridden, stupid monks.

Since we've long been fans of the sci-fi idea of 'micro payments', and no system is in place for such a beast to really work, we've come up with one. Now you too can actually support the site without sending us money or hate mail. Chances are, you are a cracked-out coke fiend like most of us. I prefer the hard-core street drug they call "Coke Zero" these days, moving on from the weak suburban "Diet Coke" or that old-folks home "Caffeine Free Diet Coke" that Munge sips on between shots of Everclear. If you support Coca-Cola like a true patriot, and not those Pepsi jerks like a terrorist would, then you are in the perfect position to contribute.

Coca-Cola is running a promotion where you receive a code for each purchase you make. With those codes, you register on one of their web sites and type in the codes to earn points. Enough points and you can earn various prizes, most of which are not worth the time to read about on the web site. If you click around enough, you get to the distant "10,000+ Points" reward list, and things become brighter. In this "pipe dream" category is a pretty swell Sony LCD HDTV that would be a nice reward for the pain and suffering we're put through.

So, next time you are getting your fix, take a few seconds to type in the coke code and mail it to us. Only takes a minute of your time and you can spend the rest of the day bragging about how you supported a non-profit site on the intarweb. The codes can be found inside the bottle caps of 2 liter, 1 liter or 20oz bottles, or in the tear off flap of 12-pack cases. They can be found in just about every variety of Coca-Cola products and look something like BNMW7 Y49XR 4X7VJ.

This is it net denizens. Some 100,000,000 of you out there, and all it takes is 2,000 of you to mail in the code from a single 12-pack to reach our goal. You would be showing a small token of appreciation for eight years of hard work and it doesn't even require a visit to the post office. If you send in 100 points worth of codes (ten cases, or 33 bottles), we'll hook you up with private access to the old image gallery we used to make available (shut down long ago due to bandwidth abuse), which is up to 5,263 unique images of all varieties, and zero advertisements.

That's it, simple and possibly rewarding. cokerewards[at]

Cut this out and post it at your work lounge!

|                              |
| E-mail Coca-Cola Reward Code |
|    to the heathens at        |
|   |
|                              |

Copyright 2006 by Attrition. Permission is granted to repost this to all your friends, relatives, co-workers, cellmates, congressmen and pets. We're not affiliated with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, terrorists or anyone else that might have been mentioned above. Emails sent in are not used for anything other than getting codez in hopes of winning that neat TV thingy. The sample code above was already redeemed, nice try. Mileage may vary, our cynicism does not.

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