Security Con Media Collection on eBay

Wed Jul 14 01:41:54 CDT 2010

It's that time again, we need to make room for more beef jerky, potable water and ammo. Out with the old, in with the gold we like to say. OK, Cancer Omega likes to say that, because he has been pawning off his gold teeth lately.

After incredibly successful break-even auctions of Lazlo's Flasks and hacker stickers, it is time to put up our next box of crap. This time, the focus is on media from past hacker security conventions including DefCon, BlackHat and even shmoocon. After each con it became ritual to quickly shove dead trees and polycarbonate plastic in a file folder, hit the shower to wash the stench of "con" off and proceed to drink a lot more to avoid a hangover. Eventually, that file folder turned up and it was time to pass it along.

What you will get..

Bidding on this box of crap will guarantee you the following, all in good or better condition:

What you may get..

Come on, this is, we're known for our boxes of shit. That means you may or may not receive any of the following. Do not bid on this auction based on any of the following. This is simply fair warning that odd things tend to slip into outgoing boxes. Of course, the higher the bids go, the better chances you find extra shit in your box. We're assholes, but we're fair at the very least, and we'll try to make higher bids worth every penny.

What the money will be used for..

With the insane megabucks that we will no doubt make from this unique auction, we have already planned some of the spending. Know that your hard earned dollars will go to provide the following:

There you go, now click the link below and start throwing money around like it isn't a recession. If you have ever said to yourself, "wow, those guys sure are mediocre", now is the time to put your money where our mouths have been. Hush, we rinse them out with soap daily.



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