As you no doubt noticed, Attrition was down for an extended period of time (since last Tuesday, Nov 20).

Basically.. our ISP (Inficad) was recently purchased by Getnet. For some bizarre reason, they decided to try to redo the entire network a day before the Thanksgiving holiday. As you can guess, this was not the best idea and led to half of our downtime. Getnet was also nice enough not to trust the key Inficad admins with router passwords, essentially cutting them off from doing their job. This led to even more down time as half of our subnet sat in one building, the other half in another. As such, only half of us could get routing.. guess which side we were on!

Now, the coast is not clear. There WILL BE MORE DOWN TIME tonight, but it should only last a few hours. Some time in the next few weeks, Attrition will be down again possibly. With the purchase of Inficad, we no longer will be able to keep the hosting deal we currently enjoy. The guestimate for our monthly hosting really goes well beyond what I am willing to sink into this site. Some have suggested we solicit money, advertise, do banners, etc. Fuck that.

Several companies and individuals have offered to host us, and that may happen. If we end up moving off the Getnet/Inficad network, there no doubt will be some down time. However, it is just that.. downtime. The site is not going away. We are not 'selling out'. We are not resorting to banners.

Now, to be absolutely clear on a few things...

First and foremost, Attrition gives thanks to the Inficad staff. Their entire staff (pre-Getnet) has been simply amazing. Despite not being a regular full price paying co-lo, they have treated us with respect and showed patience that I will never have. Specifically, Dave O., Pat St. John, and Hannah Amentler in the last year. They have had to put up with kidiot DoS attacks, lamer legal threats and my bitchy ass pestering them. Hobby/free web sites like Attrition exist because of companies like Inficad and their professional staff.

Attrition was down due to network re-design and a lack of routing over the past eight days. We were not raided. The box was not seized. It was not under attack. It was not hacked. It was not anally probed by aliens named Munge . It was not (fill in the stupid rumors you no doubt heard).

In the event of network problems, there is a way to contact various staff members. DO NOT USE THESE UNLESS ATTRITION IS DOWN.

Now, if the above did not answer your questions, feel free to mail jericho and ask. Stupid questions will end up on Going Postal. Intelligent questions will be answered ASAP.

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