"How does attrition ___________"

Several times a month we receive mail from people all over asking how we accomplish trivial tasks related to this site. So far, in each case it is a simple technical solution that should be easily solved by anyone familiar with web server administration or basic programming.

As you read these "how-to's" please understand that they are sarcastic and insulting for a reason. Each time people write in and ask us this, they without fail bypass the logical step of looking for the information themselves. They don't do a web search, don't consult a book, don't look at other FAQ's or "how-to's" out there. If people are going to waste our time by asking for information that is readily available to them, then they will have to suffer with our answer along with our disdain.

"How do I get rid of those ugly colors?"

"How do you create the custom icon next to my bookmark for your site?"

"How do you make the random quotes on your front web page?"

"How do you make your web server say 'temple of hate'?"

"How do you block inline linking and serve up that custom image?"

"How do you strip out the 'www' in my browser for your domain?"

Not quite a "how to", but people still mail us asking or telling us that InterNIC got hacked. That simply is not the case.

Internic 101

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