From: "KANE, BRIAN" (
To: "''" (
Cc: "''" (
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 10:37:20 -0400 
Subject: something bothering me

ok look im tired of sitting here having to deal with half the sites i want
togo to blacked out and i have already tried everything within my power to
fix this but i cant do it so im looking for a little help you ever here of
the filter company called websense yea me niether well somehow they have
this anoying code which just does not want to break i have tried everything
going through windows system dos buty im begining to think thats this
websens thing is an outside the computer kind of filter but at the same time
i wonder how that is possible now i am not exactyly what youd call a hacker
by far but i have dabled a little bit mainly because of my brother so im
more like an aprentice hacker but its cool i aint even going to consider
myself one but anyway i was just wonderingt if at all possible can you show
me maybe how to bypass this fucking thing thanx

One word: Punctuation.

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