No regular Postal for you heathens. Something a little different this week. Read it, like it, don't whine like a bitch about it.

PFC Friedman of A Co 16th Sig Bn wrote to me a few days ago. After some great dialogue about Bukkake and politics (not related to each other), I offered him the chance to rant about whatever he wants. While I don't necessarily agree with the president's choices in armed conflict, I do admire and support the troops that go forth and put their lives on the line because they believe in our country and will defend it with their lives. Huge respect and shout out to A Co 16th Sig Bn.

Glory Rant Of The Day

What the fuck is the point behind reality TV? What do people get from playing the Sims online? Whatever happened to living life? If you don't like the life you've got; go do something about it. And that doesn't mean escape. There are so many goddamn people jumping on the bandwagon these days. Its even popular to be different (just like everyone else) Maybe I am just old-fashioned, but I am different cuz that's just who I am. Not only do I not know what is popular these days, but I just don't give a shit. What difference does it make what someone else thinks about the clothes I wear or the car I drive. Are my clothes clean and comfortable? Done.moot issue.

Where was I? Oh yeah.alternate realities. I just don't get what anyone could possible get out of watching someone else live their life, regardless of what stupid publicity twist you might put on it. I don't care what famous people do. I don't care what my neighbors do, unless they start bothering me. We are raising an entire generation of fucking voyeurs. Kids these days can tell you what the Osborne's had for dinner last night, but they can't manage to tell you what the names of their senators are. WTF?

I used to think that our whole society was becoming apathetic. I thought that people were just losing the capacity for passion. Now I am beginning to realize that it isn't's just desperately misplaced. People get up in arms when their favorite celebrity gets divorced, but hardly notice when our government decides to go spending 11%of our national budget on "repairing" a country. A country that we supplied weapons to for years and then when they stopped responding to the leash, we destroyed them. 87 billion fucking dollars. When adjusting for inflation, we only spent 46 million repairing ALL of Europe after World War II.

When our founding fathers first created our government, the decided to go with an electoral college. The last presidential election, many people argued that we needed to do away with this old means of electing our top officials. I think the old guys got it right the first time. Why did they feel that the Electoral College was necessary? Because they feared the stupidity of the masses. They felt that some kind of buffer was needed to protect the country from its own citizens. They were right. Our priorities are way out of wack.

We use television to raise our children instead of morals and family time. We then blame TV cuz our kids are fucked up. We rely on the Internet for just about everything, yet most of the dumb motherfuckers don't know what the hell they are doing. They put their credit cards on the computer and then just plug it up. Then they blame the Internet for their stolen identities. They wouldn't just leave their wallet lying around on the street and expect that no one is going to take their money. Just another reason that people need to wake the fuck up from their "reality" and join the real one.

Its all your fault =-)


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