From: Ketil Braun Larsen (
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 23:39:45 +0200
Subject: Spam Spam spam .. Wonderfull spam...BLAH

HAHA ... so now i rootet you and got Ya password from 
you ... what 2 do what 2 do ? ...

I thought of placing a  HEY I AM WATCHING ASCII P0RN !!!.wav    
and the place a sweet little pice of ascii on ya site ...
Although i cant resist 2 place a little  propZ section 2 were 
i send all my Leet propZ out to all the Leet spamers on your 
postal list ;) i resistet the temptation and just rubbed ya 
shell in yellow d0g lotion !!!!! 
So Ph33r me and send a mail if you need a lotion made of 
110% pure d0g !!!

Ps.... I´sent it about time you submittet me 2 the list ;) hehe ;)

Anyway .. Stay cool... or just dive into your freezer or 
somthing like that.

Pss-(postum scriptum subscribtum _;)_ ). Just ask 4 that d0g 
lotion and i will send a potion !!!!

#uname -a.h
#Stop reading.h
Main ()
Caut <<"god save the wankers"; endl

åØåLamer See, Lamer Do, Lamer Unicode All Over You |

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