From: "[iso-8859-1] Sun Desai" (
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 17:46:14 +0100 (BST)
Subject: attrition.


i am an indian. i believe i m no good hacker but i resonably 
seen and known good things that diz site posseses and in my 
small eyes attrition deserves quite strong impressions that i 
extreamly liked in it. i treasured it in mind and i amaze if 
anybody not. u r not only electronic presence, ur electronic 
existance. i 'd share i liked evenif u'd not want to, and diz 
is to staff:

-ur seeing both sides of every equation u reveal.
-ur silenced pain mixed with rage and brilliant expressions.
-ur 3 dimentional present.
-ur stopless joy.
-ur no gentlemenism
-ur amazing electronized poetry
-ur essential group talents
-ur no marketising
-ur no fakes
-ur not necessarily any qualities that anybody prefer.
-ur disqualities

if u reading this, i'll impress me, thanks, if not, i'll live, 
u'll exist and no change.


Interesting mail. In summary, sure, i'll play cowboy.

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