Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 00:05:57 -0700
From: "BlackDog" (
Subject: Re: defacing.


 I need some of the data that was on the defaced website from this
newyears and if possible any information that was on last years site. I need
this info because two friends of mine are in these sick programs and i was
in one myself for credit card fraud (phishing on aol). I will be needing all
of the internal emails pertaining to Casa by the Sea and Crosscreek Manor
for Boys.  Specifically the email from a Mr. Thane Palmer, Carolyn
O'Callahan(spelling ?) and a Dallis Wilden, and Ron Garret. And any email
with information on Joey or Joseph and Gina Amoroso and a Charlies Allin.
Please help me with this because these are sick fuckers who cheated and lied
to my entire family and verbally abused my mother in front of about thirty
strangers untill she threw up. If you know anything about the defacer please
let me say that he is a great man. i myself would like to email him and see
if any future defacings are near. Thanks and i hope you can help me.


X-files hello.

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