Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 20:22:47 +0800
Subject: patriotic hacking

being absoluting captivated by hacking, cracking and viruses 
i feel to much bad rap is aimed at the people who do it. some 
of these individuals are what i consider to be of the genius 
element because they are attacking so called secure sites and 
agencies. i personally don't approve of some of the actions of 
these people being they are attacking members of society who 
just want to get on with it. on the other hand i can't help 
but get a laugh when the system, being the government is 
shattered and perpetraitors of class war. bill gates fuck you. 
hackers should unite and destroy the fabric of wealth, 
corruption, poverty, greed and war-up yours george w bush, you 
stand for freedom but blow the fuck out of innocent people for 
this so called freedom. i'm sure i'm just one of millions who 
shares these views, hack the planet. nives aka james, thanks 
guys, peace..........

"Power to the people Marty."

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