From: richard vandan (
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 18:49:44 +0800
Subject: plz pray for us


Dear respected man of god greetings from pastor .j.richard In india if 
you don't mind i would like to say about us what we are doing in india .

Around 16 villages we are preaching the village where there is no single 
pastors are doing ministry and single single christians living area .

Our moto is to preach and teach the word of god to the hindu people of 
india would you like to more bout that you can write me at any time thanking 
you .We are the independent ministry why don't you join with us !Thanking you !

yours in christ humble servant

pastor .j.richard
behind telephone exchange
tamil nadu india-625214  

The pastor outfit was just to pick up young boys...

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