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Eternals (2021)

Medium: Movie (Disney)

Rating: 3 / 5 This feels like an eternity

Reviewer: jericho

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Marvel keeps trying to upstage their own movies for final battles. This movie shows how drawn out and exhausting that mindset is. The story of the Eternals has a lot of potential but what might be the most interesting parts, their lives over 7000 years, occurs in brief flashbacks. There is also no real explanation as to each Eternal; what led to their current forms? Why is one a kid, one deaf, no old, why each power, etc. This movie plays out over 2.5 hours and keeps a good pace, but I found myself more engaged only hoping it would get better and reach that potential I saw. I think this movie would have been better playing out a majority of the time leading up to the present day, showing more of life in the ancient cultures. That would give more relatable characters perhaps, understanding their backstory, and being more invested.

I Am Not OKAY With This (2020)

Medium: TV (Netflix)

Rating: 4 / 5 I am OKAY with this series

Reviewer: jericho

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This is a fun series where a teen in a small town discovers she has some form of super powers. It's a dark and awkward comedy with quirky characters that rides the line between "teens fitting in" and "oh shit, one has super powers". She can't control the powers, they only manifest when she is angry or overwhelmed. The first season ends with a big teaser about her learning to control the powers and maybe having a cause. Worth the watch.

Riders of Justice (2020)

Medium: Movie (Multiple)

Rating: 4.5 / 5 the ride to justice is winding and odd

Reviewer: jericho

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On the surface this may seem like a standard revenge movie and it certainly has those elements. What the movie really excels at is giving us four diverse characters, most quirky as hell. What starts as death, probability, and revenge turns into a story about the people involved and their relationships, past and present. This movie is well done and enjoyable.

Shameless U.S. S1 - 11 (2011)

Medium: TV (Showtime)

Rating: 4.5 / 5 The best disfunction you will ever see

Reviewer: jericho

Reference(s): IMDB Listing || Trailer

After 11 seasons, the U.S. version of Shameless came to an end. Eleven years of dark and irreverent humor and depraved scenes as every single character is deeply flawed and a product of a less-than ideal upbringing. Yet somehow the Gallagher family prevails to some degree. One of the really neat things was watching a lot of the young actors playing kids grow up into their teens. A vast majority of the cast stayed on, giving a real feeling of growing up with them. Standout characters: Liam (Christian Isaiah) for a steady dose of more subdued scenes, Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) for outstanding humor, as well as Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey (Noel Fisher) for perhaps the absolute best rollercoaster relationship in TV history (especially the final season). [10 Season Super Trailer]

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