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Helstrom (2020)

Medium: TV (Hulu)

Reviewer: Mauvehed

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We are also a couple episodes from the end of Helstrom. I highly recommend it! It's a wild ride about demons and demon hunters.

The Chair S1 (2021)

Medium: TV (Netflix)

Rating: 3 / 5 Better to watch in bed

Reviewer: jericho

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Sandra Oh stars in this comedy set in the English department at an Ivy League university, recently installed as the department head (the chair!). From the start, her tenure in the position is a steady string of mishaps and situations that make life hell. Like a majority of comedies, to me at least, the lead star (Oh) is outshined by most around her. Holland Taylor, who plays a professor in the department, is the stand-out star and brings the best comedy. Overall this show is good for unwinding and has some laughs, but isn't non-stop laughs.

A Quiet Place 2 (2020)

Medium: Movie (Multiple)

Rating: 4.5 / 5 prequel and sequel!

Reviewer: jericho

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Similar to the first movie, this one is a good tense thriller where making no sound means safety. Moments of tension around the smallest noise is a simple concept, but well executed. It also answers a lingering question from the first, how did the creatures get here and what was it like. We get just enough to scratch that itch then back to the sequel bit, following the family as they head out from the homestead. The daughter, played by Millicent Simmonds, steals the show and is the real star.

2149: The Aftermath (2016)

Medium: Movie (Amazon)

Rating: 4 / 5 A breath of fresh air

Reviewer: jericho

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Fun little dystopian movie about a boy growing up in a life pod, confined in a 10x10 room his entire life. Pre-packaged food from the pod, computer access with games and remote controlled work. Then lightning hits his pod killing all functionality, forcing him to venture out into the world of what he thought was toxic air. He finds it safe to breathe, a family that takes him in. Ultimately it is a feel-good movie with allusion to modern society.

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