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Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

Medium: Movie (Netflix)

Reviewer: Mauvehed

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Fear Street Trilogy from Netflix was great. It's more pleasurable to watch than Jericho making love to Lyger.

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021)

Medium: Movie

Rating: 2.5 / 5 The word 'fuck' is 1/3rd of the plot

Reviewer: jericho

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If you saw the first movie, you know exactly what to expect with this one. Over-the top gun fights, Ryan Reynolds being himself as you try to divorce your mind from thinking "Deadpool", and apparently an attempt to break the record for the use of the word "fuck". As with many sequels, they try to make it more compelling by adding some big name actors. In this case, Morgan Freeman, who didn't really add much to the movie. So this is good mindless entertainment while you work on your puzzle or cross-stitch or sort your Legos.

Pig (2021)

Medium: Movie (currently in theaters)

Rating: 4.5 / 5 Great oinks

Reviewer: Odd

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The premise, "a recluse goes on a search for his stolen pig," sounds like a movie that could only star Nicholas Cage. This *is* a movie only Cage could star in; make no mistake about that, but it's also something we never could have expected.

This is not a movie where Cage goes, well, "full Cage" the way we've come to expect. It's a quiet film about a man who's dealing with an unexpected loss, and every step he takes to try and reunite with his beloved pet reveals a little more about him. The story resists the urge to spell everything out for its audience, and it's better for it. If the trailer had you expecting John Wick with a pig, you'll probably be disappointed. If you're up for an earnest character study about a unique character, you'll find a lot to enjoy. Resist the urge to look up spoilers. The slow burn of discovering the character as he's revealed is so much more engrossing than reading some blurbs on a page.

The Crime of the Century (2021)

Medium: TV Mini Series (HBOMax)

Rating: 4 / 5  Recommended

Reviewer: martums

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Alex Gibney has directed yet another documentary guaranteed to give our collective hindsight bias whiplash. This two-part documentary series brings together several disparate pieces to weave together a compelling, tragic, immoral tale of mass murder, rapacity, and sorrow which Nick Allen called "...a sobering picture of this monstrous greed."

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