The Day of the Triffids (1963)

Medium: Movie (Amazon Prime Video)

Rating: 4/5 eat your veggies before they eat you

Reviewer: NeuroCandies

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Who would resist a 1960s sci-fi horror about carnivorous extraterrestrial plants?? Although the production value has declined due to age, old-school practical effects are still fun to watch and were done well for the time. The pace of the story moved quick enough to hold my attention, although my biggest complaint is that the Triffids themselves took a back seat to the other "horrors" in the story. This film (specifically, the first sequence after the triggering event, where the lead wakes up in a hospital) inspired Alex Garland to write the script for 28 Days Later, and anyone who has seen that film will no doubt notice other similar scenes/scenarios in Triffids that influenced 28 Days Later. (Side note: it's also one of the films referenced in the song "Science Fiction/Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.) The ending felt very reminiscent of War of the Worlds, and I kind of liked that it was sheer dumb luck that came to the rescue. Overall, it's worth a watch if you enjoy classic sci-fi and/or horror films.

Sweet Dreams (2018)

Medium: Chinese drama series (Viki)

Rating: 3.5/5 come for the flowers, stay for the chaos, leave the last half hour unwatched

Reviewer: Odd

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I've been bingeing Chinese and Taiwanese dramas before bed for the last year or so, and as much as I think Sweet Dreams might be my new favorite, I don't know if it's possible to really summarize without leaving out something major because there's just so much going on.

The show's title refers to some special sleep assisting bracelets that inadvertently allow Ling Ling Qi (our heroine) to enter the dreams of Bo Hai, her crush/boss/enemy/love interest. Yes, this sounds bonkers, but so does almost every other element of this show, and I loved almost every bit of it. Celebrity florists, hostile corporate takeovers, shocking scandals, celebrity florists, inter generational revenge plots, blackmailed employees, and did I mention celebrity florists? Because seriously, this dude's face is in more of his floral company's advertising than the actual flowers and I refuse to believe I'm the only one who thinks that's really, really strange.

This show has almost no grounding in reality whatsoever, but I didn't care because it was just that entertaining. I'm still deducting a full point from its overall score because the final episode was almost Dexter levels of WTFery and I can't forgive anything that hurts my brain that much.

SAS: Red Notice (2021)

Medium: Movie (multiple)

Rating: 1 / 5 Throw a red card on this one

Reviewer: jericho

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Ruby Rose stars in this movie with guns and badasses and shooting and fights and stuff. If that doesn't sound exciting, neither was the movie. Rose plays for the evil side this time, not the proverbial "good guy". The lead guy on the good side was so boring I mistook him for an extra until a few scenes in. As you might guess, the movie is full of plot holes and has quite the predictable ending. No one stands out in this movie as far as acting and there are several recognizable faces, none from notable shows either. Skip it unless you need to get sleep.

Allen v. Farrow (2021)

Medium: Series (HBO Max)

Rating: 🤯  See you in hell, Woody F*cking Allen

Reviewer: martums

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"What do we do with great art made by bad people?"

So, content warnings: childhood sexual assault, childhood trauma, narcissistic parent, gaslighting, (or jmfc: it's WFA). This four-episode docu-series concluded just weeks ago and is worth subscribing to HBO in a New York Minute. Michael Abels' soundtrack for this extraordinary material walks the fine line brilliantly between watching-cozy-home-movies and oh-hell-no-Arnold-must-self-terminate. Directed by oft-collaborators Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick, who were among a myriad of producers. Perhaps there is no sufficient summary for this other than to say: Mia Farrow's adult daughter Dylan, who has previously written about this, is a real-life super-heroine, epitomizing bravery.

RAINN offers 24/7 support for survivors of sexual assault in the U.S., 800-656-4673. International resources lists are available here & here

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