Postal Installment #0001

We're spreading the codez the bad guys have..
Fourteen year old proxy threats are amusing...
We must be busy hacking...
This will solve most computer problems...
When handling lethal software...
Free phone calls forever...
Comega and Jericho are fart-faces...
Is sex with a web site legal?
Lazy cunts that sniff glue.
We're into black ops of course!

Neophyte Advice
You guys rule, now go away!
Nostalgia Virus
We can only keep this mail up for 23 more hours..

The Great Darkvenon aka EvilSuck, mails geekgrl of ''
Please include three professional references..
Our site ( is vulnerable to Winnuke!
Cult of the Dead Virus can help you
Our mutual loss by not creating a script kiddy
This site must be empty
We don't know who 'thep0et' is either..
Your guess is as good as ours
Our web site isn't THAT confusing
The key to the kingdom
Hacking vs Security .. you decide
K-Mart, electronic aisle. $19.99
Attrition != GlobalHell
GlobalHell must be ancient Egyption for 'attrition'

Noble of him..
"Thank You For Mailing Us"
You must be interested for starters..
Netscape is giving me an error..
New vacation spot!
Can't figure out why our class doesn't sell more..
More requests..

One of the things Attrition does is to mirror defaced web sites. Upon mirroring the site, we mail the Internic contact of the domain so they are aware of the incident. A copy of the mail is available to everyone. This week is dedicated to some of the replies we get for our good deed. Special 'mirror' edition of Going Postal Full of.. and pathetic
I think you meant the FBI
We're reporting you for not hacking our domain
Cash and protection money
Such a new threat!
Making a name for ourselves..

	From: Earthworm Killer (
	Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 16:23:22 -0600
	Subject: Now!

	Update your going postal page or I will kill one small earthworm every 
	day that the page goes "un-updated".  Did I mention that they are blind 
	earthworms?  Don't make me kill blind, little earthworms!  Did I mention 
	that they don't have legs or arms?  Don 't make me kill defenseless, blind,
	little earthworms!  Did you hear that scream?!  That was one for today.  
	Stop the horror now.  Update the freakin' page!  Now!!!  I mean it! 

	[Name and address withheld to lead the FBI astray]

(The next day..)

	Just doing my part for society.  You have until 5 P.M. today or another one 
	gets it.  I'll do it!  Don't test me!
	       _     _     ##   _____
	      (_) _ (_)   (00) <_____XXXXXO
	     (_) (_) (_)  ({})
	    (_)      (_)  (_)  Please Help Me!
	    ()        (_)(_)   He has a knife!
	oOO()           (_)

	[Name and address withheld to lead the FBI astray and because I am a 
	 corporate user that would get in trouble if my company knew I was using 
	 work-related resources to threaten hackers that will likely trin00 our 
	 site now.]

This week's belated Going Postal installment is dedicated to the countless "teach me to hack" mails we get. Below are just a few of the select messages we've received asking for our help. The standard plea for help
Hacking chat forums is like..
I thought I was broke and lazy
Starting hacker kit
"to do some cool adult stuff"
no none won't what?
Identity crisis in the making
Their admin horked the page first
Overthrow Bill instead
first things last
poetry in motion
How to make free phone calls
We teach auto-repair
You can't have our staff
quit me mailing!
Can we do anything else for you?
sHiFT kEyS BrEaK EaSiLy
1 + 1 = 7
we're retired
Bob can help you
Uh, huh, hey baby...
We need to prove that?
Apple Sauce
Engrish 101
Great friends..
Go where, do what?
Morpheus says hi
Shag baby
"cancel my account"
grape jello works too
Your password is..
What part of 'ex' is unclear?
First rule of hacking..

All vain people do..
His last name is 'Shoelaces'
The red pill or the blue pill?
Send check, money order, or Altoids..
jung n zbeba
Yes, that e-mail address works.
Oral sex not for public disclosure. Hi Monica!
He felt like gutter crawling a bit...
No jokes about tr0ut please.
We offer free software too.
Sounds like a dangerous guy. Armed with IM no less.
Holdup at Dunkin Donuts saved us.
Blame it on...
And he has 'god' in his name
Mail order bugs. We'll be rich.
Pass the bong dood..
Is it the water in MI?
Its fairly simple..
Every once in a while we get cool mail.
godfun.exe == digital darwinism
And no playing in the freezer dammit
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