From: Jiri Hubacek (
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 21:29:09 -0600
Subject: Binary symbiosis

Hi Brian,
Please let me know your honest opinion about the following subject.
Thanks Jiri

Symbiosis of the Binary communication with the frequencies 
of the electro-magnetic radiation.

The Goal:
1)To protect a system software from piracy.
2)To reduce the possibility of illegal,unauthorized alterations of 
software programs by outside"cracking"attempts.

I propose to link a system software(and made it interdependent)to a 
frequencies of electro-magnetic radiation,isolated from the continuum 
of visible,ultra-violet and infra-red lightbandwiths by the diffraction 
grating monochromator capable of resolution of 0.01 nanometers or better.

The above mentioned spectrums starts in around 150 nanometers and ends 
in about 800 nanometers,therefore monochromator is providing a very high 
number of a distinct"streams"of energy for our intended purpose.These 
frequencies can be repeated in series(A,B,C etc.)if necessary-for 
larger number of manufactured software.

If we make an initiating signal for the installed software(manufactured 
with this goal in its design)identical with one of these frequencies,
there will be no chance of copying this software to the other computers 
if this initiating signal is discontinued after initial,original 

However,this frequency will remain operative within the installed software.
If there is any program within the software to be altered or adjusted,it 
will be only possible by the dialing the right frequency on monochromator.
This would be only possible to do manually by the operator of computer.
In effect-frequency will act as a gateway for the programming.The same will 
apply,if any new program is added or downloaded.

The regular browsing or directed activity within intended program(modem or 
wireless signals)will be unaffected as long as it does not attempt to alter 
system software's programs. This should prevent any unwanted "planting of 
alien programs.

This would be especially beneficial for the fast,powerful computers,so often 
misused for smurfing or other illegal and annoying activities by the hackers 
and crackers.

I admit that the development of this idea  is beyond the scope of my 
knowledge,expertize and the means.  

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