From: From DInca Alexandru (
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 00:04:20 +0200
Subject: The lamer faq?!!

This one goes out to all those teach me how to questions:
1.Crack my girlfriend's Hotmail account.
2.Crack some friend's server because he bother's me.
3.Get some credit card numbers from some server.
Don't you motherfuckers ever learn that no hacker  will EVER in your
fucking miserable life answer you to those kind of questions?Now 
you're gonna ask , why because I want to learn? Well I am gonna 
answer you for them cause I am quite sick of you stupid assholes.

First of all because it's illegal, and the next 10000 reasons are 
bellow so keep reading. Hackers hate stupid people , stupid questions.
Your next question will be, but why , cracking into a server it's 
serious business , isn't it?Yes it is but not to you, you idiots.
Cracking into another computer requires  A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE you 
dump fucks. What the hell do you think that being a hacker all it 
takes are just some default passwords that you enter at your stupid 
DOS prompts and you're in?Can't you see how idiotic that sounds?
You think that this is some kind of a movie where after 5 minutes of
typing the hero says ,I'm in? It's nothing like that.I'll tell you 
what a hacker is:a hacker is someone who has no life, who learns and 
reads all the time and that when you motherfuckers go to parties they 
are at home studying ,learning what a CGI is, how a web server works 
busting their heads against the wall learning C, Perl, Python,Expect 
or some other language, and after 10, 15 years  of learning they've 
become what they are today but today here comes miss Daisy asking 
them , hey can you tell me how to get in to my girlfriend's Yahoo 
account cause I think  she's cheating on me with the milkman or 
whatever? Now after all those nights that you lost in front of your 
monitor what would you say to a person like that?

No wonder you get flamed all the time.

Instead try going through what they've been through and then you'll 
realize that all that knowledge that you have it's a shame to waiste 
it on some dumb bitch. Don't you understand that guys like these made 
the Internet what it is today and stupid motherfuckers like you access 
it everyday without even knowing what the "three way handshake" is , 
but no, you have to go further , you have to  go crack a server for some 
idiotic purpose. You  know nothing about ports, SYN, ACK ,quantum 
crypto,ssh,one way hashes, you just want to crack something and you're 
wondering why these guys at attrition keep flaming me for a simple 
question,well these are the answers you idiots. You flame them that 
they don't know nothing that they are stupid because they are not answering 
to your questions.Try asking them some technical questions like how to 
make this function in C how to make this script when you have this 
problem , stop calling them lamers ,try maintaining a server for free 
like they are and provide people info for free and then start flaming 
them if you have the guts anymore. 

Now your next thought is gonna be , sure this guy is on their side.
Fuck that I don't even know them ,been on their site a few times that's all
but I respect smart people and know what they've been through.You think you 
can be like that? 

Then you'll be a true hacker.You admire defacers and virus writers but do
you have any idea how difficult it is to write a virus to try it with all 
the anti virus scanners available and find out that it still triggers them 
and then go back to the drawing board again and make another change and
try it again and again till it doesn't raise any suspicion to any of the 
anti viruses available and then release it in the wild, to turn that web 
server up and down and dig through the source for weeks maybe month to find 
a vuln and then spend another week or two on the shell code that has to 
overwrite some parts in the memory to get it to do your 
xterm -display my_stupid_ip:0.

Do you know that Mitnick broke in to Shimomura's machine on 25.12.94 that
means on Christmas , that also means that the man had  no life and while 
you idiots were having fun with that broad that you want her mail account 
broken into , this guy was syn-ing Shimomura's machine and spoofing another 

That's what a hacker is you idiots.I know hackers hate crackers but
crackers have their part of the fame also in my opinion because , damn , to 
go through all that trouble of exploiting a vuln only on localhost it's
just too god damn boring. The Zen philosophy relating to the path towards 
enlightenment is that there are no words to express it. 

So the answer to all your questions , grab a C book or tutorial from all
over the net or a language of your choice and start working and we'll talk 
in a few years , see if you have the same stupid ideas about breaking in.
And you think it's easy?Think again , cause rocket science,that's kid's
stuff, computer science on the other side is the most difficult stuff in 
my opinion but you'll see for yourself when you'll spent a few month
just to understand what a packet is how it get's routed through the
Internet what's it's header about and what a hell are those IP ID's and 
CRC's in the header and what a fuck is an ICMP and why the hell do
you have ports 12345 ,31337  open on your win box.

Sorry to dissapoint you but you don't want to be a hacker you are just gonna 
spend the remaining years of your miserable life begging other people for a
bar of chocolate that you just don't know how to unwrap.And stop calling the 
feds stupid you assholes cause the feds have some software that you never 
even heard about like the Magic Lantern and Carnivore and the NSA already 
breaks 60 bits encryption you dump fucks , but they do it because they have 
great assholes like you delivering the coffee and pizza to their programmers :).

A word of advice : 
never underestimate them cause people 10000 smarter then you did and 
found out they were wrong. Later boys and girls , much later for you.

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