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From: Narnia Remailer (
Date: 26 Jan 2002 11:31:57 -0000
Subject: Re : my favorite newsgroup

Dear Bitches,

Took so long to come up with a reply ? that also so so 
lame ? Or was it for maximum impact ? 

I feel sorry for you, it must have taxed your limited mental 
reserves. Next you will say that the terrorists are winning. 
You know if I were to argue like you, I could say that u 
did 9/11 so to have an upperhand in our discussion (just using 
the same flat stupid line u did)

Thanks for putting up the letter for the general public and 
your educated reply -) 

Dont worry about my origin, I can be from the USA -) (did i 
forget to mention a positive trait about our country - we can 
have a negative opinion about the way ppl think - but overall 
we whine a lot)

btw, i checked out : cant find the newsgroup :P (not even 
alt.perpetual) except for alt.perpetual.tourist :P

with love,
A concerned lamer.

PS: forgot to address you respectfully in the earlier mail. 
sorry! also, i read your reply again .. laughed more at the line 

"This is like expecting civility and.."

Why do YOU of all people expect civility ? HAHHAHAHAHAHAH! :)

From: Small Grey (
To: security curmudgeon (
Cc: Heathens (
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 21:48:02 -0500
Subject: Re: second - Re : my favorite newsgroup (fwd)

On 26 Jan 02 03:01:29PM cult hero[] wrote:
} guess 1 reply wasn't enough..

here's a reply from The Cube (actually, I think the reply that the
sender is reacting to is another Cube reply!):

What type of person sends anonymous letters? Psychos: The Unabomber, Son
of Sam, The Zodiac Killer. Receiving an anonymous letter--even one that
does not blow up, even one with a poem enclosed--is likelier to make a
person feel stalked than admired. Sign your mail.


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