From: DownSyndrome Defac3r (
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:57:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Guess what, I'm suing you too!

To the attention of et al, er tu, him there that guy.

This serves as your notice to cease and desist all actions
associated to or with or in or on or to or here or there or
anywhere with a pickle as the above or undersigns states in hereto
thereto herinaftertheretoo whereas the undersigned as whom is
referred to as "DownSyndrome D3facer" and hereinafter referred to
as "The Dood".

You are in direct violation of section 4 of the penis code 
subsection 3.5.6b undersigned in part by hereto thereinafter and 
aforesaid the Government.

As clearly stated in the aforementioned "URL"
At this point, Punkis asked "Whatever you're smoking.. share"

This statement does violate my rights to hereto thereinafter thereto
be in possession of my own facial actions and thereby you are 
infringing on my rights to control your thoughts through the ample 
collection of semen.

I will purport to know all in light of recent activities and will do 
so with a grain of salt hereto therin hereinafter thereto.  I know 
that you know that I know that you know we both know that your isp 
knows what you know.  I know. I Know that you have to be farmiliar 
with the case Lewis .vs. Tyson.  Lewis won against Tyson in the EXACT 
same situation and was awarded $135,000,000,000,000,000.21

Should that URL ever disappear from your site, I will not hesitate, 
I will not restrain, no man will break my stride, ain't nobody gonna 
hold me down, OH NO, I got to keep on movin, we gonna rock down to, 
ELECTRIC avenue and then we'll take it higher, we'll be rollin down
rodeo with a pocket full of shells.

DownSyndrome Defac3r

This is for you.

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