From: Nicholas Demetriou (
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 07:36:54 +0930
Subject: Re: [ISN] Secret plan for spies to bug PCs

My name is Nicholas Demetriou and I am the product of a double 
agent's hideous plan to make me the prize fool of a conspracy 
organised and planned by the Western Australian Federal Narcotics 
devision in Perth which caused the death of a Federal agent working 
undercover in organised crime in Northbridge several years ago. I 
have absolutely no doubt in my mind or in my soul that I was the 
direct cause for flushing out this person, but I did so with out 
intent and without knowing who or what this man really was. I had 
no idea what was happening to me before it was too late. For me and 
for him. 

To have done what the secret police in Western Australia said I had 
done, I would have to be some kind of genius. Or I would have had to 
have been some sort of mind reader or I would have had to have been 
associated with the real criminals they were after. Some of which I am 
familiar with, but only with what I saw. I have no proof.

I declare that I am  a victim of circumstance. I was lead to a situation 
which I had no knowledge about nor did I conspire with anyone in any way 
shape or form.

I only want the truth to come out and to tell people that they must 
beware of such people and that their crime is far greater than any 
I could have possibley imagined. Turning an innocent man into one of 
the coldest killing monster's that is known to exist in our country. 
You don't believe me just look for yourself.

The man's name is Raymond Alfons Jonker and is a double agent that 
designed this game and led me right into the middle of something far 
more serious than I could fathom.The end result that was supposed to 
transpire was me ending up the prize fool and to be aressted. But 
something went wrong. I escaped the Federal Net that was set up by 
this scum of a man and others who work for the undercover narcotics 
devision in Western Australia.

I want justice. I will agree to sit any examination, psychological and 
physical examination and question that is needed to prove I am nothing 
more than an extremely lucky man. I have tried going to the police but 
the think I am a fool.

I do not claim to be innocent but I will not have myself or my family 
accused of such lies and deceptions anymore.

I need to know the truth. Without it I am nothing more than a raving lunatic.

I wish to go to the Federal Police and answer any questions they might 
have for me. But I am affraid that they would have already made up their 
minds to declare me guilty of this crime and more.

I know that I currently cause great trouble for certain undercover police 
activaties in the Darwin (Northern Territory) area. I do not do it 
deliberately, I don't even know how it happens but I am aware of the trouble 
I cause. Please believe me when I say that I am sincere and that I want to 
put an end to all of this.Please help me.

My contact phone number is HM:(08)89 xxxxxx or you can email me at

I live at Unit x/xx Lorna xxx xxx Driver Palmerston Darwin N.T. xxxx.

Please, if you can offer any assistance whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it.
A LIER I AM NOT! I am not an evil man. I am just an averge man in an 
extreme situation.

Stay tuned for a preview of next week's show..

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