Postal Installment #0004

Dali would call this Persistance of Whine

lame everquest dork

just once!

better lending idea..


karma? try this

hold the damn ketchup

Persistance of Whine


i want more than you have

i mean *intimate*

nothing like a corona, squid and e-mail

your english, my manners.. common ground

someone shit on your sig


Mmmm Foofie..

Our computer doesn't have 7 screens though =(

L-32 is a nice place.

In short, you're fucking doomed.

New motto and easy advice!

IPO and Viruses, attrition the next symantec?

Pass it on!

spam, patterns, licking, babble, porn and more!

i see a pattern forming

spam sucks. lazy spam sucks worse

you say *Gay* like it's a bad thing!

please, lick me

they came back for me!

need i reply in kind?

babble text generator, or real person..

sublime, don't you find?

War Child likes Bronc

dood, his porn is private

Mystery Guest Postal Reject, courtesy NMRC

Spam Cunt

Strange gets Stranger.

french drivel

when in doubt, mail the white woman

Guilty as charged.

In short..

what a flirt

don't believe it

you sure?

we're stumped

our best feature


long overdue I know.. but Godfrey deserved the spotlight.

thanks for the geography lesson

polite. dumb.. but polite.

we'll bill you

amazing who they try to contact

grudge fuck candidate #87

doesn't even give us URLs!

we feel for you

CompuServe going down!

can we just call you ratbert?

hack self

We seem to be flypaper for freaks. Again.

The Laurence Godfrey saga

I can't tell which is worse, postal mail or proposed legislation..

my the best shell

let me educate you

Unfortunately, you can't.

the one true Spaf

screaming out in one united voice

i know a better game..


five easy steps

the people

let's be clear here

the trollers are increasing..

lessons in "covering your tracks"

woo! positive mail!

tough call

thanks vendor spam!

A simple 'no' would have sufficed


not quite yet..

nice bridge for sale


In fact, hell no.

Send these lovely people a v-day message!

this student is failing already

gotta be smarter than the program

twisted view on whats 'leet'

For payment, we only accept pesos or yen.

still amazes us..

our good buddies at the CIA

we can both look

A for effort


i hear a few companies got good code

spammer in disguise

Better than a 35 year old dimwitted physician giving you a rectal exam.

a public service

fluffy bitch!

don't fuck with our PSYOP program

my favorite newsgroup

i'm the smartass, he's the pretty mouth

it's not even up yet!

send her our way, we can help

a crying shame

maybe a contest is in order

whoa! an interesting question!

Honorary Postal Installment

Shifman Is A Moron Spammer

I think we get more postal mail than legit mail..

follow this link...

a contradiction of sorts

newfite with a bachelor degree

The mirror is a window into the minds of dissenters worldwide

blind? can't read?

spank them with a perl book

virus code for you!

be glad to help

he doesnt trust us stupids

quality faux postal rules

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