Gene Black was another great thread. As with others, any time he was confronted with simple logic, clear points and basic reasoning, he would stop answering me.

Legal action threat from the start!

My quick and curt reply.

Gene Black mails Cancer Omega about all of this for some reason.

Cancer Omega calls his bluff

Cancer Omega challenges his motivations.

Gene Black then responds to Modify. He doesn't quite grasp this e-mail thing.

I give a longer drawn out reply saying the same thing.

Cancer Omega replies back.

Gene shows he knows little, and has to make up new reasons to back his request.

Cancer Omega doesn't buy into these lame reasons either.

Null replies outlining all the details of the laws he is trying to quote

By this point it is amusing.

Gene goes off on some half assed tangent. He should lay off the drugs.

Cancer Omega says 'put up or shut up'.

Logic wins? Gene doesn't reply to this one.

Many months later, Gene Black contacts us again.

Gene mails Comega months after asking for this page to be removed

Comega shows his deepest sympathy

Gene's implied threat gets a good laugh

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