From: gene black (
To: Cancer Omega (comega[at]
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 19:05:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: A Warning!

Dear Cancer Omega:
Your web site states that you will not surrender the identity of the party
e-mail that reported the hack without a warrant. Well, as an attorney
licensed to practice before the courts, I can not get a federal supeona
without first filing fed. suit against you. After filing the court will
grant most any supeona.It is in my opinion that the list on your web site
constitutes valuable content which is not being paid for and that you are
bringing harm to the individuals whom are listed by aiding, propagating, 
and glorifying criminals; thereby using the domain names for wrongful
purpose and financial gain.

It's your choice Mr.Omega, but I can tell you that it's much simpler to
remove the domain at issue from the list. Additionally, your instant reply
admits that I'm not the only person of the same opinion. . . .You should
really seek legal advise before making ignorant remarks.

I'll be anticipating the expungement of Namestyles from your list the first
of the week.

Gene Black

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