From: security curmudgeon (jericho[at]
To: gene black (
Cc: Heathens (staff[at]
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 17:50:33 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: you insist , oh!

: It does appear that your insistent on avoiding simple solution to my
: issues regarding the use of my trademark. It appears to me that you are

You STILL have not explained this. Using your domain name is not violating
your trademark. If it is, anyone who visits your web site is guilty of it.

: aware of the hacks in advance by the repeat of the same hacker
: identities throughout the list and the number of hacks and mrrors you

Oh, just like the FBI is aware of serial killers in advance? Because they
too operate over time and comit several crimes?

Logic was never a strong point was it?

: allege each month without any proper form of verification as to the
: reality of the hack (ie:maybe "fuxor" is a disgruntled employee
: permissably into the server). True verification would need to come from
: the victims, which I'm sure you do not have. 

Typing """ in our browser after the defacement was
verification enough. YOUR server displayed the page. 

: Investation & discovery may reveal you to actually be aware of the
: hackers true identities. . .we'll see. Your indifference to my simple
: request is amazing!. . . obviously you have little or no value placed
: upon your time. 

Obviously we do, since we go out of our way to run the mirror. 

: Your claim of providing stats is hollow and terribly discredited by the
: defamation of the victims character and integrity. Filing complaint
: followed by a request for temporary injunction of your entire site will
: be my pleasure. 

As I said, you are not the first to threaten this. Feel free to try to do
it. Also feel free to continue to front and threaten. We find it most

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