From: Cancer Omega (comega[at]
To: gene black (
Cc: staff[at]
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 01:13:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: A Problem

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, gene black wrote:

: My Internet business server was hacked into while under construction
: nearly a year ago. My business today is no longer without firewalls
: and security patches and is now actively doing eCommerce but only for
: the past three to four months.

That's nice.

: It has been brought to my attention (by a prospective account which
: went elsewhere) that we are losing the business because of your
: postings which happen to show up in the search engines just below the
: companys name in the search. I cut & pasted the search engine listing
: below.

It's not our postings.  It was your nonsensical threats of legal action
from the git-go.

: I read several of your other postings and I don't believe they have a
: similar issue. As my business is the Internet and Internet services
: I'm requesting that you remove my photography and all other materials
: pertaining to my complaint with your organization as it most likely
: will, as in this instance, show up in search engines with the companys
: advertising and listings as it does in the Internet Explorer search
: engine.

Not my call.  I didn't put that up there.

: I can only reason that if your postings are left up to do harm
: financially to me; and of no meaningful purpose to you, that it 'is'
: your intent to damage my companys' reputation and harm me financially.

We are doing nothing of the sort.  It's not our conduct that's souring
anything.  It's yours.

: So if you would please just take down the site and let it be.

Not my call.  I didn't put it up there.


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