From: Cancer Omega (comega[at]
Cc: staff[at]
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 16:36:50 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: A Warning! (fwd)

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, some crack-smoking moron wrote: 

: Now look Mr. Omega,

Let's make a few things *sparkling clear* here:

1.	You claimed to be a lawyer.  All indications show that you are
	NOT.  Thus, you are a liar.

2.	You make claims that are totally unfounded in reality.  Thus,
	you are a fool.

3.	You cannot even correctly read our own informational pages which
	clearly outline the means by which we will divulge information to
	law enforcement agencies.  Thus, you are not only ignorant, but an

4.	You cannot even correctly reply to a bleeding e-mail.  Thus, you
	are technically incompetent.

With that in mind, I address the following.

: I'm trying my best to not spend much time here and don't wish to ramble
: over words . . . I do recall though that your site dispensed advice to
: hackers or others reporting hacks to you.

Try putting your 'recall' up as evidence in a court of law, fuckhead.
Even I -- a layman -- know the court's views on hearsay.

: The advise centered around advising the hacker to not take
: responsibility in the e-mails sent to you. It is in my opinion that this
: act of yours would implicate you as a co-conspirator.

Cite a specific URL wherein this is said.  Until such time, take your

: Perhaps your correct in thinking that your not in direct violation of
: criminal law;  however, I'm certain that I can assert a dozen or so
: civil and busines & proffessions codes violated.

We're a non-profit hobby site.  You want to talk about civil, business and
professional conduct?  Your first e-mail was totally un-civil and totally
lacking in professional conduct.  And YOU presume to preach to ME?

Take a flying fuck at a rolling cheerio, dipshit.

: It's my preference that you simply remove my name from your listing and
: hence resolving my issues.  This is my last e-mail to you . . . please
: do not respond, I examine the list over the next few days.. 

See the following URL.  Read it.  Read it again.

Now kindly fuck off.


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