From: gene black (
To: Cancer Omega 
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:25:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: you insist , oh!

Dear sir:

Interestingly, I remember the same type issues 25yrs. ago. We called them
'pirates'(kind of like hackers. . eh). This was a time when cable was just
being introduced. The pirates were selling devices to homeowners that
intercepted the satelite signals from HBO & Showtime. It was perfectly legal
to manufacture the devices. . . [Rxxxxxxx, Industries ] was having a great
time & it was perfectly legal for their pirates (dealers) to sell to the
homeowners and legal for the homeowners to buy and place the devices on roof
tops. All the pirates were as smug as you; after all the pirates and the
factory (Rxxxxxx, Industries)weren't doing anything illegal.

The pirates and suppliers were all rounded up in the sting and jailed.
Violations of Law occur when acts legal or not assuredly brings harm to

Namestyles has been in existance for over a year, has never had any traffic
(hits)or attempted break-ins previously and is not in any search engines
(private network, for now). I don't know how or why the hacker came to be
aware of namestyles (internic I suppose, but that seems to be a needle in a
haystack). Since being placed on your list we've been experiencing attempted
break-ins from various places around the globe every night. . . mostly just
after midnight and about 4:00 a. m. pacific time.Advertising (far and
wide)our problem and address before every hacker in the world simply sets us
up for multiple hacks and places us in the archives of the other hackers of
the world frequenting your site. This can and does cause great financial
injury to others.Your actions cause far greater harm than the single hacker
(very elementary).

Even though the constitution allows one to print anything, it still holds
the author liable for their actions in print.I'll re-iterate and state to
you that the list is causing me a problem, financially & emotionally. So as
you remain smug and comfortable you might consider taking care of the
'whinners' such as I. It's only smart business and all smart business owners
do it (refunds,discounts,settlements, etc.).

Responding to your offer to compromise, I report my problem to you in
earnest. The entire content of our site was copied by you and reproduced
without permission; however my real issue is the list on your site; which by
the way is not statistics but rather a means of granting instant fame and
reward to the (pirates). Proper means of accomplishing your objectives may
be statistics grouping business & personal sites by categories, numerical
data, verification of data, and published mirrors with permission of the
victims (amazingly, some sites if approached in the right format I'm sure
would grant permission) along with postings from discussion groups; thereby
preserving the victims rights. Accomplish all aspects of your scheme without
violating others. A little more work but better than placing ones self in
harms way with confrontation and legal problems.

For your info: I never recieved the initial e-mail you referenced from , nor was I ever aware of sites such as yours. I personally,
tracked your site from our server 1 day following the hack. I believe my
first e-mail to you was the same day or next day. doesn't
have an e-mail address on the site or otherwise. The sites under
construction, the links are not even complete and very probably the site is
insecure during construction. . . maybe you can set aside your policy in
this instance on that basis and remove namesytles from your hack list
(cancellations unfortunately are part of every business).

Very Truly Yours,

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