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Carolyn Meinel Hall of Shame

Who in the world is Carolyn P. Meinel you ask?! Ms Meinel is a 51 year old charlatan living in New Mexico, eagerly looking for new ways to re-invent herself.

She has been everything from a 'Research Engineer' to a 'Programmer' to an Aerospace 'Consultant'. Her latest adventure has prompted her to take on the title of 'Computer Security Consultant' and self proclaimed 'Hacker'. Her 'Happy Hacker' project is a tragedy of a learning experience to say the least.

But wait... it gets better...

Who is she really? A fraud. A charlatan. A living breathing scam. Don't believe me? Here is a little information that can help you make your own determination on what she is or isn't. Enjoy!

(6.22.99) Meinel is impeding FBI investigation

(6.09.99) "11 Points of Hypocrisy" in a one page reply from Meinel!

(5.11.99) A former HH Webmaster speaks out! Check out his article on CPM!

(5.05.99) May 3 Happy Hacker drivel is FULL of serious errors.

Carolyn Meinel admits to hacking NYT?! What?!

Read about how I (and others) are a national threat! X-files beware!What?!

Meinel's post to usenet reveals her experimenting with LSD that caused her brain damage!

An ex-HH admin steps forward to set the record straight on Carolyn's mental disorder!

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Find out what Hall of Shame visitors saying about all of this.

Here is an EXCELLENT letter about CPM and observations of her.

ps: All of this information has been made public at some time before this page was made. I will cite references as much as possible.

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